Cool Things To Do With An External Hard Drive

Cool things to do with an external hard drive

While sitting on my couch, struggling to organize my vast collection of digital files, I had a revelation: I needed a hero, specifically an external hard drive. 

Using an external hard drive to store terabytes of data is like entering an endless world of possibilities. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy organizing and decluttering their digital lives?

But here’s the thing – an external hard drive isn’t just a storage device. It’s a versatile tool that can be used for so much more than just backing up your files. Adding some extra oomph to your gaming setup or creating your cloud are all possibilities you can explore.

So, buckle up and get ready to explore some of the best uses for external hard drives. And who knows, by the end of this journey, you might just end up with a newfound appreciation for this humble yet powerful device.

What is External Drive and how it helps you?

An external drive serves as a convenient and portable storage solution that can effortlessly connect to a computer via a USB cable. 

It is used to secure and retain non-frequently accessed files, documents, photos, videos, and music. Hard disk drives (HDD), solid-state drives (SSD), and USB flash drives are all types of external drives.

An external drive is indispensable for transporting large amounts of data. 

Using its power, individuals can reduce their computer and laptop storage requirements. Also, create a fail-safe backup plan in case of system crashes, viruses, or accidental deletions.

As a result of their significance, the global external hard drive market is expected to grow USD 3,236.56 million between 2022 and 2027 at a CAGR of 6.04%

They are also useful for sharing files between multiple devices or transferring large files quickly. They are also an excellent option for photographers and videographers who need to store large media files.

It’s easy to choose an external drive that fits your storage requirements, as they range from a few gigabytes to several terabytes in size. Aside from being relatively affordable, they can also be easily replaced or upgraded if damaged or obsolete.

7 Cool And IngeniousThings to Do with an external hard drive

External hard drives provide portability and safety to keep your data safe wherever you go.

But aside from file storage, have you ever pondered the myriad possibilities an external hard drive presents? Allow me to unveil some remarkable feats you can accomplish with this versatile device.

1. Computer backup

Computer backup is one of the most noteworthy exploits that an external hard drive facilitates. You should create an identical copy of your data and files to ensure their resilience.

 No matter what happens to your computer, you don’t have to worry about losing important documents, photos, or videos.

In terms of storage capacity and data transfer speeds, external hard drives are the ultimate backup companions. Its portability allows you to effortlessly carry it along, bestowing peace of mind wherever you venture.

Initiating computer backups is a seamless affair. Your files are safe without manual intervention when you use an external hard drive and backup software.

2. Scratch Disk

Scratch disks are used to temporarily store large files on a computer’s hard drive while editing. In particular, this is beneficial when dealing with high-resolution images or videos. Disks for scratching, however, should not be used on the same hard drive as the operating system or applications.

In the realm of expediency, external hard drives emerge as indispensable companions. The use of an external hard drive as a scratch disk can greatly speed up your editing workflow.

This type of drive is ideal for collaborative projects since it can be easily disconnected and transferred to another PC.

Due to its independent status, an external hard drive also offers data protection, reducing the risk of crashing your system.

3. Storing Data

The utilization of an external hard drive for storing data boasts a multitude of advantages. Keeping important files accessible and preserved is essential in case of a computer crash or other technical issue.

Music, movies, and photos can also be stored on an external hard drive, which frees up computer space. The benefit of this is seamless and efficient performance, as well as a convenient way to organize and retrieve media files.

4. Data Sharing

Data sharing facilitates communication, collaboration, and sharing of documents, images, and videos.

With the aid of an external hard drive, data sharing transcends convenience and takes on an added layer of security. Data sharing with external hard drives is effortless and portable.

A large storage capacity makes external hard drives ideal for storing and distributing large files. It is remarkable how an external hard drive can be used to share data beyond a network connection. 

Internet access makes it easier to collaborate on projects and share sensitive information. A recipient’s computer can access files directly and effortlessly by connecting to an external hard drive.

Password protection and encryption are also available on external hard drives. These measures provide peace of mind, even if your external hard drive is lost or stolen.

5. Gaming

Games, updates, and other essential files require significant storage space and cutting-edge hardware. It has become crucial for gamers to consolidate and upgrade their game libraries using external hard drives.

An external hard drive enables gamers to save an extensive collection of games, from classics to the latest.

Gamers can now choose from a variety of storage options, ensuring a diverse and engaging collection of games. The increased storage capacity also allows for more content to be added, such as mods, skins, and add-ons.

Transferring games seamlessly between devices is simplified with external hard drives. Multi-device gamers and those who often travel with their gaming setup will find this feature especially useful.

6. Swap the External Drive with Your Computer’s Drive

You can transfer files, documents, photos, and other data from your external hard drive to the computer’s drive with ease. If your computer’s hard drive is nearing full capacity or you wish to back up vital files, this is especially useful. 

This drive swap also offers the benefit of designating your external hard drive as the primary drive.

In particular, this feature proves useful for people who work across several computers or travel frequently. Accessing crucial data from any computer is made easier with a centrally located hard drive.

Furthermore, the act of swapping drives also grants the opportunity to utilize your external hard drive as a bootable drive. 

By using a bootable external hard drive, you can still operate your computer even if your hard drive is corrupted or damaged.

7. Turn an Old Hard Drive into an External Drive

Making an external drive from an obsolete piece of technology demonstrates resourcefulness. Furthermore, this venture allows you to customize and personalize your external drive. 

You can maximize hard drive efficiency through this delightful DIY project, regardless of your level of tech knowledge.

By storing files, pictures, and videos on an external drive, you can declutter your computer. Furthermore, it facilitates seamless workflow continuity by transferring files between different computers. 

In addition, you can design your enclosure to create a bespoke appearance that reflects your taste.