12 Cool Things to Do With Gesso

Cool Things to Do With Gesso

Ah, gesso! Ever glanced at that jar in your art supplies and felt a spark of curiosity? It’s more than just a primer; it’s a gateway to creativity. From texturing to wet sanding, the possibilities are endless. 

Whether a seasoned artist or a curious beginner, gesso’s hidden potential awaits you. Ready for an “EPIC” adventure? Grab your gesso, and let’s explore this artistic world together!

12 Cool And Exciting Things to Do With Gesso

1. Create a Textured Artwork: 

Ever wondered what makes a piece of art come alive? It’s not just the strokes of a brush or the choice of colors; it’s the intriguing trifecta of “perplexity,” “Entropy,” and “burstiness.”

You’re about to embark on a journey of crafting textured artwork that will enchant your viewers. Think of Gesso as your artistic accomplice, capable of adding layers of captivating textures to your canvas or any surface you dare to experiment with. It’s similar to a secret ingredient that transforms your creative concoction into a masterpiece.

But wait, we’re just getting started! The magic begins with a dance of preparation – applying that first layer of gesso. It’s the foundation that sets the stage for your artistic exploration. Once it dries, it’s showtime! 

Grab your palette knives, brushes, or whatever tool tickles your creative fancy, and layer on more gesso. Think of it as adding secret passages to your artwork, leading your audience into a world of visual excitement.

And guess what? There’s room for more fun. Mix gesso with sand, fibers, and pigments – heck, throw in some stardust if you’re feeling whimsical! This adds depth, like adding layers to a juicy story. The result? A textured wonderland that practically begs to be touched.

2. Mixed Media Collage: 

Who said art had to stick to a script? Enter the world of mixed media collage, where every material is an actor in your creative theater. It’s like creating a symphony of textures that dance to the beat of your imagination.

Ready for the wild ride? Imagine slathering gesso on canvas, paper, or wood – it’s like giving them a backstage pass to artistic greatness. That gesso primer becomes the canvas’s best friend, adding a smooth foundation that’s as strong as a warrior’s resolve.

Now comes the real fun – layering gesso as a master chef adding spices. Each layer tells a different story, a texture that’s both tangible and tantalizing. It’s not just about the visuals; it’s about diving into a multi-dimensional experience.

But hold your horses, we’re not done yet. Ever wanted to throw in some fabric, photographs, or quirky magazine cutouts? Gesso plays matchmaker here, sticking these diverse elements together like a master storyteller weaving different characters into a plot. 

What’s even better? It’s not just about adding, it’s about blending – harmonizing your creation into a visual symphony.

3. DIY Chalkboard: 

Whoever thought Gesso was a one-trick pony didn’t have an imagination as vast as the universe. Let’s talk about DIY chalkboards – the cool kids of the creative block. It’s the same as a cosmic canvas waiting for your magic touch.

An entire surface, such as wood or canvas, is smothered in plaster, similar to a comfy blanket. It’s the primer that’s all like, “Chalkboard paint, you’re welcome here!”

Once the gesso dries, bring in the chalkboard paint – transforming your primed surface into a bona fide chalkboard, ready to capture your thoughts, dreams, and even a grocery list if you’re feeling practical.

But why stop there? Spice it up with frames and decorations, turning your chalkboard into a portal of expression. It’s the same as adding a sprinkle of stardust to your living space or classroom, turning them into realms of imagination.

4. Art Journaling: 

Now, let’s dive into the world of art journaling – where gesso isn’t just a primer; it’s the magician’s hat of creative possibilities. This is your laboratory of textures, waiting for your artistic experiments.

Hold on to your imagination hats! Gesso swoops in to add texture and depth to your journal pages, like an artist’s secret sauce. You can stencil it to create intricate patterns or blend it with acrylic paints, conjuring color symphonies that would make rainbows jealous.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Gesso is also a rebel with a cause – resisting the inky onslaught of watercolors and ink, creating dramatic effects that are pure artistry. It’s the same as adding a dash of unpredictability to your artistic formula.

5. Masking and Stenciling: 

Masking and stenciling are the Batman and Robin of artistic techniques. They swoop in to add drama and flair to your creative universe.

Masking is a secret agent, hiding the surface beneath a layer of gesso and then revealing it with a flourish. It’s uncovering hidden treasure, intricate designs emerging from the shadows. Each scratch reveals a new plot twist, like a visual suspense novel.

Stenciling, on the other hand, is summoning your artistic minions to create specific shapes and forms. Gesso is your loyal sidekick, easily manipulated with a brush or sponge. It’s a magical wand, turning your ideas into visual reality with a wave.

6. Mixed Media Backgrounds: 

We’re going to finish our journey with a dive into the depths of mixed media backgrounds. A canvas turned ocean, ready to engulf you in an artistic adventure.

Gesso takes the stage, laying the foundation for your masterpiece. But here’s the twist – it’s not just a foundation, it’s a playground. With Gesso as your partner in crime, experiment with textures, colors, and techniques. It’s like a wild dance, each stroke adding a layer of excitement.

Brushes, palette knives, stencils – these are your dance partners, helping you create patterns and textures that dance with your artistic soul. Add acrylic paints, inks, markers, and other elements, layering on the excitement. 

It’s telling a story with multiple dimensions – a background that’s not just a setting, but a character in its own right.

So, there you have it – your ticket to crafting art that’s not just visual, but an experience that tickles the senses. Remember, art is about breaking the rules, letting your creativity flow like an untamed river. So go ahead, dive in, and let your imagination run riot!

7. Gesso Transfers: 

The magic of plaster allows artists to teleport images onto all kinds of surfaces using this mind-blowing technique. Think of gesso as the ultimate bridge, connecting the surface and the image. It’s setting the stage for an epic transfer spectacle!

So, here’s the deal: get your image, reverse it, and print it on something like glossy paper or transparency film. Then, it’s showtime! Slap that image face-down onto your surface, which is already rocking a coat of plaster. Give it a rubdown to make sure it’s cozy and snug.

Now, fast forward to the grand reveal! Once things dry up a bit, add a sprinkle of moisture to the paper. As you gently peel it away, voilà! Your image is now the star of the surface. Just imagine the creative chaos you can cook up – throw in photos, text, intricate designs, whatever you fancy.

Guess what? This trick isn’t just for canvases or wood panels. Nope, it’s a free spirit! You can try it on fabrics, ceramics, and things that you’d never think of. It’s like your ticket to a wild artistic adventure, turning the ordinary into something jaw-droppingly extraordinary.

8. Faux Marble Effect: 

Step right up, ladies and gents! Let’s talk about the Faux Marble Effect – it’s like a high-five from art to reality. Get this: plaster, the star of the show, can make things look similar to marble. Yup, that’s right!

First things first, slap a coat of primer on your canvas. Let it do its thing and dry out. Then, get your brushes or a sponge and start dabbing on those shades of acrylic paint. 

It’s all about those fancy veins and patterns that marble’s famous for. Blend, mix, and swirl those colors like you’re creating a masterpiece!

Once the paint party’s over and it’s nice and dry, it’s time to give it a spa day – a gentle sanding for that silky smooth touch. Now, stand back and take a gander at your faux marble marvel. It’s art’s secret weapon to turn everyday stuff into dazzling eye-catchers. Who knew Plaster had such superstar potential, huh?

9. Customized Home Decor: 

Hey there, decor diva! Let’s dive into the galaxy of Customized Home Decor – where your style takes the spotlight. Think of Gesso as your magic wand to add that pizzazz to your space. It’s like the fairy godmother of personalization!

Gesso is all about playing it cool and versatile. With this enchanting primer, you can throw texture parties, experiment with stencils, and create layers of awesome. Fancy patterns, a touch of vintage vibes, or just turning regular stuff into jaw-droppers – it’s your call, maestro.

Walls, furniture, canvases – gesso doesn’t discriminate. It’s a chameleon, blending in perfectly with different paints and styles. Artists, crafters, DIY daredevils – everyone’s invited to the creativity fiesta. 

10. Texture for Sculptures: 

Keep your hats on, art adventurers! We’re diving into the realm of texture magic with Gesso. Sculptures, prepare for a transformation that’s going to blow your marble socks off!

Using a brush or a palette knife, apply layers of plaster with precision. Your sculpture’s surface starts to dance with intricate patterns and features. The texture game is on, my friend!

Once it’s dried and done, the show’s not over. You can paint it up, add a dash of decorative flair, or let the texture shine solo. Sculptors, this is your playground – go wild, embrace the 3D extravaganza, and watch your creations come to life like never before.

11. Gesso Resist: 

Hold onto your seats, art aficionados! We’re about to unravel the tantalizing tale of Gesso Resist – it’s like art’s secret treasure map to a world of wonder.

First off, lay down that gesso layer on your canvas or paper with a touch of finesse. Let it chill for a bit, then bring on the second act: painting or inking. But here’s where the real magic happens. Gesso steps up as the ultimate rebel, resisting that paint and ink in some spots like it’s giving ’em the cold shoulder.

As you scratch and reveal the layers underneath, behold the kaleidoscope of patterns and textures! Artists and crafters, this is your golden ticket to artistic utopia. Mix and match those layers, let colors collide, and watch your creations dance to a symphony of creativity. 

12. Decorative Photo Frames: 

Hey there, memory maestros! Let’s jazz up those photo frames with a splash of gesso goodness. It’s like adding a dollop of magic to your cherished moments.

Imagine Gesso as your canvas whisperer, turning ordinary frames into a work of art. Brush it on, let it dry, and you’ve got yourself a smooth canvas for your creative wizardry.

But that’s not all – bring on the sponges, stencils, and brushes! Get groovy with patterns and designs that make those frames pop. And for the vintage vibes? Layer it up, give it a sanding, and voilà – you’ve got frames with a dash of rustic charm.