9 Cool Things To Do With Paracord

Cool Things To Do With Paracord

Ever held a paracord and felt the thrill of possibilities? It’s not just a survivalist’s best friend anymore. Imagine crafting a bracelet, a keychain, or even a survival bracelet. The list goes on. Let’s push the envelope a bit. 

Picture this – a steering wheel wrapped in paracord. Intriguing, isn’t it? Or a belt that’s as sturdy as it is stylish. And what about a lanyard for your glasses? This is the world of paracord projects, where creativity dances with practicality. 

So, buckle up! We’re about to dive into the extraordinary universe of this seemingly ordinary material. Let’s unravel the potential of rope together. Stay tuned!

Understanding the Basics of Paracord

It is like the unsung hero of ropes – flexible, unbreakable, and tough. But hold up, let me break it down for you:


An extra oomph of flexibility and strength is provided by a cord with seven secret strands.

Flavors of Paracord: 

You’ve got choices – like Type III, the superstar for all things survival and outdoor adventure.

Colors and Patterns: 

Want to jazz things up? The product comes in a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns, practically begging for your creative touch.

Easy-Peasy Access: 

You can snag it online or at your local haunt, usually rubbing shoulders with cool tools that include Paracord Fids, Paracord Jigs, and the Knotter’s Tool – your crafting sidekicks.

Why Paracord is a Must-Have Survival Tool

Here’s the lowdown on why it’s practically your best pal in survival situations:

Unyielding Muscle: 

It’s your go-to for making shelters, locking down stuff, or even executing a daring rescue operation.

Shape-Shifting Superpowers: 

Need to get creative? Unravel this bad boy into smaller strands for tasks including fishing, stitching up a gear, or maybe even some DIY dental work (ouch!).

Creating Bonanza: 

Bracelets? Wallets? Pouches? The tool can do it all, from basic to mind-blowing, like Conquistador crafts and Monkey’s Fist knots. Seriously, the sky’s the limit.

Emergency Chic: 

It’s like the superhero costume of survival gear – compact, lightweight, and ready for action. Whether it’s your everyday haul or a special emergency kit, Paracord’s got your back.

9 Cool Things To Do With Paracord

1. Crafting a Paracord Bracelet: A Step-by-Step Guide

Experience the fusion of fashion and survival with paracord bracelets. Newbies fear not—I’ve got your back with a step-by-step guide for crafting success.

Gear Up

The base of Operations: 

Secure a paracord loom for your designing hub.

The Cord: 

Opt for 550 or 325 size, thickness matters.

Clip Ensemble: 

Purple clips for the bracelet, a wild green one for the loom connection.

Precision Cut: 

Trusty fabric scissors for paracord surgery.

Tame the Fray: 

Employ a lighter to control fraying ends.

Metal Elegance: 

Use copper tubing for chic bead creation.

Loom Launch

Measure and Trim: 

Cut around 10 feet of black paracord.

Clip and Thread: 

Pass ends through clips, up or down.

Fray Control: 

Apply heat from lighter to tidy ends.


Pull ends through the loop and tightens.

Designing Marvels

First Knot: 

Envision a basic square knot to begin.

Weave On: 

Cross strands, and thread the end through the loop.

Tighten Up: 

Give a gentle tug, and repeat for snugness.

Elevate Style: 

Enhance with copper tubing beads—create, texture, mix.

Personal Touch

Antique Vibe: 

Quick oxidation with a Sharpie for beads.

Smooth Finish: 

Sand bead edges for a polished look.

Signature Move: 

Stamp in letters, dates, and your secret code—this is your bracelet.

2. DIY Paracord Keychain: Keeping Keys Secure and Stylish

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 6 feet of Paracord (2 colors, 3 feet each)
  • Split ring keyring (around 1 inch or your preferred size)

Step 2: Prepare the Paracord

Cut 3 feet from each of the two paracord shades. Attach a split ring in the middle of one cord. Lay it flat. Place the other cord on top vertically, with its center to the left of the keyring.

Step 3: Create a Box Knot

Start knotting. Take the right side of the horizontal cord, pass it over to the left, and slide it under the left cord. Lift the top of the cord and pass it over to the right. Repeat until you have a neat knot.

Step 4: Repeat the Box Knot

Continue looping and swooping the cords to create knots. Keep going until your keychain reaches the desired length.

Step 5: Finalize the Keychain

Trim one cord end, leaving about 1/4 inch from the knots. Use a BBQ lighter to melt the end for 3 seconds to prevent fraying. Repeat this for all 4 strands. Your Paracord keychain is now complete!

3. Paracord Dog Leash: A Strong and Durable Option for Your Pet

Got a furry sidekick who deserves the best? Time to make the dog leash: sturdy and stylish. Here’s the plan:

Supplies Needed:

  • 80 feet of 550 paracords in two shades (40 feet each)
  • Heavy-duty snap for serious strength
  • Type 3 fid (handy tool)
  • Optional: Turk’s head mandrel for flair

Cord Prep:

Cut each color into 20-foot segments. Thread through snap, finding middle points.

Knot Magic:

Start with the Matthew Walker knot for a snazzy look. Alternate colors, create a masterpiece.

Eight-Strand Round Braid:

Weave like a herringbone masterpiece. Divide into two sections, and braid around six feet.

Sturdy Handle:

Use fid to weave leftovers into a braid. Ensure strength with double weaves.

Finishing Touches:

Trim and melt ends. An elegant Turk’s head knot is optional.

4. Paracord Belt: Combining Fashion and Functionality

Attention fashionistas and adventure enthusiasts! Get ready to elevate your style with the belt magic. Learn the double Cobra weave the same as a pro with these steps:

Gear Up: What You’ll Need

Gather 120 feet of paracord, split into 40-foot sections of two colors that suit your style (like black and camo). Add two 92-inch core strands and a 3-foot cord for extra flair. Consider using a jig like the ultimate jig by Jig Pro Shop for added precision.

Getting Set Up: Belt Crafting Mastery

Begin by attaching the core strands to the buckle’s midpoint. Secure the buckle over the pin at one end and keep the strands in place with a binder clip.

Weave It: The Double Cobra Weave

Start with a cow hitch, then thread the other 40-foot section through the cow hitches. Weave through holes, tighten cow hitches, and create two side-by-side Cobra weaves.

Finishing Touches: Stylish Conclusion

Taper the ends skillfully. Neaten the last weaves, tuck in the core strands and melt the ends. Optionally, add a retention strap for extra flair.

Customize Your Belt: Reflect Your Style

Choose your preferred belt aesthetic—sleek parallel lines or dual side-by-side Cobra bracelets. Create a head-turning masterpiece.

5. Paracord Jewelry: A New Trend in Fashion

Step into the realm of jewelry, where style and substance unite in ingenious ways. Discover the reasons behind this trend:

Limitless Creativity: Unleash Your Imagination

The product offers a spectrum of colors and thicknesses, providing a creative canvas. From bracelets to necklaces, the possibilities are boundless.

Unmatched Durability: Ready for Your Adventures

Embrace life’s journey with paracord jewelry that’s as tough as you are. It thrives amidst your daily escapades.

Personalized DIY: Craft Your Masterpieces

Bypass store-bought accessories and become your designer. With simple techniques, forge pieces mirroring your style and essence.

Affordable Elegance: Shine Within Budget

Unlike traditional jewelry, paracord won’t drain your wallet. Flaunt trends economically.

Rugged Sophistication: Where Wilderness Meets Elegance

Infuse classic designs with rope’s rustic allure. Add a hint of the wild to your grace.

6. Paracord Accessories: Adding a Survivalist Touch to Your Outfit

Style and survival combine seamlessly with paracord accessories:

Beyond Fashion: Survival with Style

These accessories are the ultimate blend of aesthetics and preparedness. These stylish add-ons are your unforeseen saviors in times of need.

Functional Fashion: Belts and Watches

Ordinary belts and watch straps are passé. Enter paracord alternatives that not only enhance your style but can unravel to save the day. Fashion meets utility.

Keychains: More Than Meets the Eye

Ditch dull keychains. Discover keychains – trendy adornments with hidden survival tools. Looking chic has never been this pragmatic.

Adventure at Your Feet: Shoelace Stories

Infuse paracord into your shoelaces for a hint of excitement at every step. Turn your shoes into conversation starters and stay prepared for the unexpected.

The Ultimate Fusion: Style Meets Survival

These accessories go beyond trends; they’re about readiness. Like concealed weapons in your ensemble, they stand ready to conquer any challenge.

7. DIY Paracord Plant Hangers: A Unique Touch to Your Green Space

Looking to add innovation to your green space? Enter the world of paracord plant hangers. More than just holders, they’re a stylish statement for your plants. Here’s why they’re trending:

1. Customizable: 

These hangers match your decor with a variety of colors and designs, letting you personalize your garden.

2. Strong: 

It ensures durability, supporting everything from small pots to heavyweights.

3. Easy DIY: 

Creating these hangers is as enjoyable as tending to your plants. A few knots and creativity yield a dancing green companion.


  • Start simple and progress to intricate knots for knotting mastery.
  • Choose cord strength according to your plant’s weight.
  • Versatile for indoor and outdoor use, like a Swiss army knife at a picnic.

8. Paracord Curtain Tiebacks: A Rustic Addition to Your Home

Curtains, those enchanting fabric guardians of your privacy and style. But guess what? Elevate your curtain game with paracord tiebacks, adding rustic elegance and stealing the spotlight. Discover their allure:

Aesthetic Appeal: 

Paracord’s texture weaves tales of adventure, blending vintage charm with a hint of wilderness when paired with your curtains. Prepare for window envy!

Strength and Sophistication: 

No weaklings here. These tiebacks elegantly bear the weight of even the heaviest curtains, exuding sophistication.

DIY Delight: 

Making these tiebacks was a creative journey. Pick cord color, wield scissors like a wizard, and let crafting magic flow. Who knew tiebacks could be your DIY muse?

Three Steps to Tieback Tango:

Select the most suitable paracord partner. Color and thickness matter – they’re your curtain ensemble’s dynamic duo.

Measure, cut – halfway done! Precision is key, like a chef perfecting a secret recipe.

Knots and braids unleash creativity. Watch your tieback transform into a masterpiece through playful experimentation.

Style Your Anchoring:

Hooks or loops – your tieback’s dance partner. The wall’s your dance floor!

9. Paracord Pot Holders: Combining Functionality and Style

Got a sizzling kitchen but craving a sprinkle of style? Introducing the pot holders – more than culinary companions, they’re functional art. Let’s explore why these holders rock:

Essential Materials:

  • Choose either 550 or 425 paracords (for insider info).
  • Grab trusty scissors.
  • Keep a ready-to-go lighter (safety first!).
  • Metal/plastic rings for that touch of bling.

Crafting Steps:

  • Pick a weaving pattern that sparks your creativity: cobra, square knot, or simple braid.
  • Measure and snip paracord – the length is up to you and your pot’s size.
  • Weave knots around the ring, telling a stylish tale of utility.
  • Secure ends pro-level to prevent fraying.


  • Does love contrast? Mix colors for kitchen vibrancy.
  • Tight weaves ensure a solid grip on hot pots.
  • Remember, these holders aren’t just showpieces; they’ve got your back when things heat up!