13 Cool Things To Do With Spark Plugs

Cool Things to Do with Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are a small but mighty component in your vehicle’s ignition system. Without them, your car wouldn’t start or run smoothly. 

But did you know that there are some cool things you can do with spark plugs beyond just keeping your engine running?

It can be used as a coat hook, desk decor, plant holder, wind chime, or building block for sculptures.

You can also mold them into keychains or pendants, candle holders, bottle openers, photo displays, modern drawer pulls, etc.

13 Inspiring And Cool Things to Do with Spark Plugs

Here are some cool things you can do with Spark Plugs:

1. Coat Hooks

One cool thing you can do with spark plugs is repurposed them as coat hooks. Spark plugs have a unique and interesting shape that can add an industrial or mechanical touch to your decor. 

To create spark plug coat hooks, you’ll need to remove the porcelain insulator and electrode from the spark plug, leaving just the metal shell and the threaded portion. 

You can then attach the spark plugs to a sturdy surface, such as a wooden board or a wall, using screws or strong adhesive. The threaded portion of the spark plug acts as a hook, allowing you to hang coats, hats, or other items. 

This creative use of spark plugs not only adds functionality but also gives your space a unique and visually appealing look.

2. Desk or Table Decor

Spark plugs can also be used as an interesting desk or table decor. Their sleek and metallic appearance can make them stand out as eye-catching pieces.

You can place a single spark plug on a desk or table as a decorative item, or you can create a more elaborate display by arranging multiple spark plugs in a creative pattern. 

They can be used to hold pens or pencils, or you can group them with other objects to create a unique centerpiece, like gears or small automotive parts.

Spark plugs can add an industrial or automotive theme to your workspace, making it visually appealing and showcasing your interest in mechanics or engineering.

3. Plant Holders

Another cool thing you can do with spark plugs is to transform them into plant holders. Spark plugs provide a sturdy base for small plants or succulents, and their cylindrical shape allows for easy insertion of plant stems or roots. 

To create a spark plug plant holder, you can remove the porcelain insulator and electrode, leaving the metal shell intact. 

Clean the spark plug thoroughly to remove any oil or residue. Then, you can place a small amount of soil or a plant-growing medium inside the spark plug, and carefully insert the plant into it.

The spark plug acts as a unique and unconventional pot, giving your plants an interesting and attention-grabbing display. These spark plug plant holders can be placed on a windowsill, desk, or any other area where you want to bring a touch of greenery and creativity.

4. Wind Chimes

Spark plugs can also be repurposed to create unique and melodious wind chimes. Wind chimes are popular outdoor decorations that produce soothing sounds when the wind blows. To make a spark plug wind chimes, you’ll need several spark plugs, preferably of different sizes. 

Remove the porcelain insulators and electrodes from the spark plugs, leaving just the metal shells. Next, attach a string or metal wire to the threaded portion of each spark plug, ensuring that they are at varying lengths to create a cascading effect. 

You can then connect the spark plugs to a central point, such as a ring or a wooden disc, using additional strings or wires. 

Place the wind chime where it can catch the wind, such as on a porch or in the garden, and listen to the unique and tinkling sounds the spark plugs produce as they collide. It’s a creative and musical way to give spark plugs a new life and add charm to your outdoor space.

5. Spark Plug Sculptures

One cool thing you can do with spark plugs is to create sculptures or art pieces by welding multiple spark plugs together. Spark plugs have a unique and visually appealing design with their metallic body and intricate electrode structure. 

By carefully arranging and welding spark plugs together, you can create intricate sculptures, ranging from abstract designs to more detailed figures or objects.

To create spark plug sculptures, you will need multiple spark plugs, a welding machine or torches, and safety equipment like gloves and goggles. Start by cleaning the spark plugs to remove any dirt or debris. 

Then, use the welding machine or torch to carefully weld the spark plugs together, ensuring they are securely attached.

6. Keychains or Pendants

Repurposing spark plugs into keychains or pendants offers yet another intriguing concept. The distinctive and compact design of spark plugs allows them to be transformed into decorative objects. 

By extracting the central electrode and affixing a small loop or ring, converting it into a keychain or pendant becomes a breeze.

Embarking on the creation of a spark plug keychain or pendant entails a careful removal of the central electrode. This can typically be accomplished by delicately unscrewing or gently extracting it. The spark plug should be handled with caution throughout the process to avoid unintended injuries.

Once the central electrode has been removed, the spark plug pinnacle is fastened with a small loop or ring. This can be achieved either by utilizing a robust adhesive or by skillfully drilling a diminutive hole and inserting a jump ring.

It exhibits an industrial and edgy aesthetic, which makes it ideal for people who appreciate unique accessories.

7. Candle Holders

Spark plugs can also be turned into stylish and unconventional candle holders. Their hard construction and heat resistance make them suitable for this purpose. 

Use a spark plug as a base and attach a candle holder stand to make a visually appealing centerpiece for your home or a unique gift.

To make a spark plug candle holder, start by choosing the right size and make of spark plug. Thoroughly clean the spark plug and remove any debris.

Next, attach the candle holder to the top of the spark plug. This can be done by using a strong adhesive or by drilling a hole and securely inserting the filler. Make sure the candle holder is stable and properly aligned.

Once the candle holder is attached, you can put the candle in it and enjoy the sweet glow it creates. The metal in the spark plug combined with flickering candlelight adds an industrial and relaxed atmosphere to any space.

8. Bottle Opener

Spark plugs can be repurposed into a handy and unique bottle opener. Their solid construction and shape make them suitable for this practical application. 

By modifying the spark plug and adding a gripping mechanism, you can create a conversation-starting bottle opener that stands out from the typical ones.

To create a spark plug bottle opener, begin by cleaning the spark plug and removing the central electrode. You will need to shape the spark plug to form a comfortable gripping area. 

This can be achieved by using a grinder or other suitable tools to reshape the spark plug’s body and remove any sharp edges. Be cautious and wear protective gear while working with tools.

Once the spark plug is shaped, you can use a file or sandpaper to smooth any rough surfaces. Finally, test the bottle opener by applying it to a bottle cap to ensure it can effectively open bottles.

9. Photo Display

Using a spark plug as an image display is a unique and creative idea. You can reuse spark plugs by attaching them to wood or mounting them on a wall. The hollow center of the spark plug can hold a small photo, allowing you to display your favorite memories uniquely.

By stacking several spark plugs together you can create an eye-catching photo collage or wall display that adds a technical and edgy touch to your home décor

10. Drawer Pulls

Spark plugs can be turned into attractive drawer pulls for cabinets, dressers, and other items. Remove the insulator and thread part of the spark plug to leave your metal casing and center electrode.

 You can wash and dry the cover for a nice finish, then screw it to a drawer or cabinet door. This DIY project can make your interior look unique and customized, showcasing your creativity and love for automotive accessories.

11. Napkin Rings

Spark plugs can be used as unconventional napkin rings to add a touch of industrial charm to your dining table. You can choose spark plugs with a size that fits comfortably around folded napkins. 

Clean and polish the metal casing to remove any dirt or grime, and then slip the spark plug onto the napkin. This creative table-setting idea can be a great conversation starter during meals or special occasions.

12. Paperweight

Spark plugs, with their solid metal construction, can serve as interesting paperweights for your desk or office space. You can choose spark plugs with unique designs or vintage appeal to add character to your workspace. 

Simply clean the spark plug, clean any debris or oil, and place it on top of loose papers or documents. This will keep them organized and in place.

DIY paperweights are functional and visually appealing desk accessories.

13. DIY Jewelry

Spark plugs can be repurposed to create one-of-a-kind DIY jewelry pieces. By removing the insulator and the threaded portion, you can use the metal casing and the center electrode to make pendants, earrings, bracelets, or keychains. 

You can further enhance the spark plugs’ appearance by cleaning, polishing, or even painting them. With a little creativity and basic jewelry-making techniques, you can craft unique accessories that reflect your style and love for automotive elements.