11 Cool Things To Do With Cardboard Boxes

Have you ever looked at a cardboard box and wondered, “What can I do with this?” Maybe you’re tired of just using them for storage or recycling them. Well, let me tell you, the possibilities are endless.

Cool Things To Do With Cardboard Boxes

The options for cardboard box innovation are abundant. You can construct a complex Playhouse, design a DIY Laptop Stand, fashion a labyrinthine Cardboard Maze, or even create magnificent wings. 

That’s not all, you can also construct a Solar Oven, employ them as a storage container, construct your very own Mini Golf Course, or even transform them into a musical instrument, such as a drum or guitar.

11 Fun Ways to Repurpose Cardboard Boxes (Sustainable Crafting Ideas)

Here are 11 cool things you can do with cardboard boxes:

1. Build a Playhouse

Cardboard boxes can be transformed into imaginative play spaces for children. With some creativity and basic cutting and folding techniques, you can create a playhouse using cardboard boxes. Start by gathering several boxes of different sizes. 

A child's drawing transforms into a cardboard playhouse.

Cut out windows and doors, and connect the boxes using duct tape or glue. You can add details like curtains, and a roof, and even paint the boxes to make them more visually appealing. This DIY playhouse will provide endless fun and imaginative play for kids.

2. Construct a DIY Laptop Stand

If you’re looking for a creative and inexpensive solution to elevate your laptop, a DIY cardboard laptop stand can be a great option. Make a rectangular piece from a sturdy cardboard box, ensuring it is wide enough to support your laptop’s base. 

Fold the cardboard into a triangular shape, with one side forming the base and the other two sides acting as support. Use additional pieces of cardboard to reinforce the structure if necessary. This makeshift laptop stand can provide a comfortable viewing angle while working or watching videos.

3. Build a Cardboard Maze

Create an exciting adventure by constructing a cardboard maze. Start by collecting multiple boxes of varying sizes and shapes. Cut openings between the boxes to create passages and dead-ends, designing a labyrinth-like structure. 

A child is using cardboard to build a maze.

Use tape or glue to secure the boxes together, ensuring stability. Add additional features like ramps, tunnels, or secret compartments for added intrigue. You can make the maze more challenging by incorporating obstacles or puzzles. It’s a great way to challenge your problem-solving skills or have fun with friends and family.

4. Create wings from it 

Let your imagination take flight by transforming cardboard boxes into a pair of wings. Choose two large cardboard pieces that are wide enough to extend from your shoulders to your waist. 

Simply trim wing shapes from the cardboard and decorate them with paint, markers, or even glitter. Attach straps or loops to the wings using string or ribbons, ensuring they can be comfortably worn on your shoulders. 

Once the wings have been prepared, adorn them and let your imagination take flight as you assume the role of a bird, an angel, or any other fantastical flying creature. This activity provides an enjoyable avenue for engaging children in imaginative play and igniting their creative spark.

5. Construct a Solar Oven

Crafting a solar oven from a humble cardboard box can prove to be an entertaining and enlightening endeavor. Leveraging the insulating properties of cardboard, you can fashion a basic solar cooker. Commence by procuring a robust cardboard box of sufficient size to accommodate your culinary requirements. 

A cardboard oven and cupcakes on a bed helps construct a solar oven.

Carve a modest aperture at the box’s pinnacle, serving as a makeshift lid. Adorn the opening with transparent plastic or glass to permit the entry of sunlight. Line the box’s interior with aluminum foil, thereby reflecting and ensnaring the heat within. 

Ultimately, position a container or tray of somber hue within the box, serving as the vessel for your delectable fare. When you place the solar oven under the direct rays of the sun, the ensnared heat will gradually warm your food, enabling you to effortlessly concoct simple dishes, melt cheese, or reheat leftovers.

6. Create a Mini Golf Course

You can unleash your creativity and turn ordinary cardboard boxes into an extraordinary mini-golf adventure, guaranteeing endless amusement for your loved ones.

Embark on a quest to gather an assortment of boxes, varying in size, to construct a captivating array of obstacles and holes. Immerse yourself in the process as you meticulously carve openings into the boxes, forming perfect gateways for the golf balls. 

For added intrigue and excitement, employ either scissors or a craft knife to fashion intricate holes, while incorporating ramps, tunnels, and bridges to amplify the challenge factor.

Unleash the depths of your imagination as you curate diverse layouts, artfully arranging the boxes to fashion a mini-golf course tailored precisely to your space and personal preferences.

Immerse yourself further in the journey by embellishing the boxes with vibrant hues and adorning them with whimsical designs, culminating in a visually enchanting course that is as delightful to behold as it is to play upon.

7. Use them as storage containers

Cardboard boxes are excellent for organizing and storing various items around the house. You can repurpose them into storage containers by labeling and categorizing them for easy identification.

Depending on the size and shape of the boxes, you can use them for different purposes. Smaller boxes can be used for storing office supplies, art materials, or small toys. Medium-sized boxes can be great for organizing books, kitchen utensils, or shoes. 

Larger boxes can be used to store out-of-season clothing, holiday decorations, or bulky items. Consider reinforcing the boxes with tape or glue to provide extra durability. 

Additionally, you can get creative and decorate the boxes to match your home decor or use wrapping paper to give them a more polished look.

8. Transform it into a drum, a guitar, or another musical instrument

Cardboard boxes possess the potential to serve as an exceptional foundation for the inception of homemade musical instruments. 

Two acoustic guitars sitting next to each other in a room, transformed into a piano.

When aspiring to forge a drum, it is paramount to select a box endowed with both sturdiness and the ability to emit a resonant sound upon being tapped. To manifest melodic rhythms, one can employ their hands or opt for the utilization of drumsticks.

Should the desire to craft a cardboard guitar arise, one must proceed by carving out a void in the core of the box, subsequently fashioning a soundhole, and affixing rubber bands or strings across the orifice. Engaging in the act of plucking or strumming said strings shall bestow upon one an assortment of distinctive tonalities.

Further avenues of exploration encompass the realm of alternative instruments, wherein the likes of shakers or maracas can be realized. This can be accomplished by replete smaller boxes with diminutive entities such as beans or rice. 

9. Build a Car or Boat

Cardboard boxes can be transformed into fun vehicles like cars or boats. You can start by selecting a large cardboard box that is big enough for you to fit in comfortably. Cut out holes for windows and a door if you’re building a car, or leave an open top if you’re making a boat. 

Use additional cardboard pieces to create wheels, a steering wheel, and other details. You can paint the box to resemble a real car or boat, and even add fun accessories like headlights or a propeller for the boat. 

Once you’re done, you can have imaginary adventures driving or sailing in your cardboard creation.

10. Create DIY Wall Art

DIY wall art with four yellow squares.

Cardboard boxes can be repurposed into unique and creative wall art pieces. Cut out different shapes from the boxes, such as stars, flowers, or animals, and paint them with vibrant colors or cover them with decorative paper. 

Arrange and glue these pieces onto a larger piece of cardboard or a canvas to create a visually appealing collage. You can experiment with different patterns, textures, and dimensions to personalize your DIY wall art and add a touch of your style to your living space.

11. Make a sword and shield

Transforming cardboard boxes into swords and shields can be a thrilling activity for kids (and even adults!). Cut out sword shapes from cardboard, ensuring they have a handle for easy grip. Decorate the swords with metallic paint or wrap them in aluminum foil for a shiny appearance. 

For the shield, cut out a large circle or shield-shaped piece from a cardboard box and reinforce it with additional layers. 

Decorate the shield with colors, patterns, or even coat it with metallic spray paint. Once you have your swords and shields, you can engage in friendly sword fights and let your imaginations run wild.