15 Cool Things To Do With Toilet Paper Rolls

15 Cool Things To Do With Toilet Paper Rolls

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and embark on a thrilling adventure of imagination and resourcefulness? Step into a world where toilet paper rolls become catalysts for fun-filled activities and ingenious projects. 

From crafting quirky puppets and mini kaleidoscopes to constructing impressive marble runs, the possibilities are endless! Engage your creativity, bond with loved ones, and marvel at the wonders that can be created with a simple cardboard tube. 

Let us guide you through this thrilling journey of turning ordinary into extraordinary, where every roll holds the promise of endless entertainment and treasured memories. 

Buckle up, get ready to roll, and let your imagination soar!

15 Creative And Cool Things To Do With Toilet Paper Rolls

1. DIY Seed Starter

Starting seeds with toilet paper rolls is a fantastic, environmentally friendly method. It’s as easy as cutting them in half and filling them with potting soil or seed-starting mix. These biodegradable containers provide a nurturing environment for seeds to thrive.

Begin by placing the cut rolls in a tray for stability. Fill them with moistened soil, creating a small indentation in the center for the seeds. Plant one or two seeds in each roll, following the recommended planting depth.

After planting, lightly cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil and mist the rolls to maintain moisture. Position the tray in a warm, well-lit area for optimal germination.

They also offer numerous advantages as seed starters. Due to their direct planting capability, they are a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to plastic containers. The rolls also provide optimal air circulation and drainage, promoting healthy root development.

Monitor the seedlings’ progress and water them appropriately to keep the soil moist. Once they’re ready for transplantation, simply dig a hole in the garden soil. Place the entire roll with the seedling into it and cover it with soil. The paper roll will naturally decompose, enriching the growing plant with nutrients.

2. Cable Organizer

Organize your cables with the clever Cable Organizer made from recycled toilet paper rolls.

Flattening a roll and creating a slit along one side allows you to neatly wrap cables around it and slide them through the opening. This brilliant solution keeps your cables organized and tangle-free.

The biodegradable nature of rolls makes them an eco-friendly choice for cable management.

Whether you need to tame cables at home or in the office, the Cable Organizer is a cost-effective solution. It provides a creative way to ensure your cables remain easily accessible and free from knots, even while traveling.

3. Artistic Wall Decor

Unleash your creativity and transform toilet paper rolls into stunning pieces of wall art. By cutting and painting them in unique shapes and sizes, you can craft captivating designs. These designs are sure to catch the eye when arranged creatively.

Whether you choose to mount them on a canvas or directly on the wall, these artistic creations bring a personalized touch to any space. Embrace your inner artist and let your imagination run wild. This is accomplished while repurposing a humble household item into something remarkable.

4. Kids’ Craft Projects

Engage your little ones in exciting craft projects using toilet paper rolls. These projects are both entertaining and skill-building. Spark their imagination and fine-tune their motor skills as they embark on these creative adventures.

With recycled materials at hand, kids can transform them into a wide range of crafts. They can create whimsical binoculars, delightful puppets, and even mini marble runs.

They can bring their creations to life by including their unique touch. You can do this with paint, markers, and other craft supplies.

The binocular craft encourages outdoor exploration and imaginative play. Kids can decorate and connect two rolls, ready to embark on imaginary adventures. Puppet-making allows children to dive into storytelling and role-playing. 

They can decorate puppets with expressive features like googly eyes and yarn hair. Further, paper cutouts can be added to create an endless number of characters.

Constructing a mini marble run introduces kids to basic engineering concepts and problem-solving. By cutting the rolls into various lengths, they can experiment with gravity and momentum. They can arrange them in different configurations for further exploration. As a result, marbles can zoom through thrilling pathways.

5. Gift Wrapping Embellishments

A Gift Wrapping Embellishments is made with Toilet paper rolls

When it comes to using paper rolls for gift-wrapping embellishments, the possibilities are endless. Let your creativity flow with these various techniques.

Transform them into charming rings, typically about 1 inch wide, to create unique decorative accents. Get artsy by painting them with vibrant colors or adding a touch of sparkle with glitter.

Attach these delightful embellishments to your gift wraps using adhesive tape or glue. Not only will they make your packages stand out, but they also offer a pocket-friendly way to add a personalized touch to any special occasion. Moreover, they provide an eco-friendly solution for your packaging needs.

6. Pen and Pencil Holder

Who would have thought that toilet paper rolls could be transformed into stylish pen and pencil holders? Prepare to be amazed by this creative and functional solution.

With a little bit of decorating and stacking, they become an attractive storage solution for keeping your writing utensils organized on your desk. Say goodbye to cluttered chaos!

Thanks to their cylindrical shape, these repurposed holders securely hold your pens and pencils in place. As a result, they don’t roll around and disappear mysteriously. In addition to keeping your workspace tidy, this DIY project adds a unique touch of personalization to your workspace.

7. Cord Keeper

Discover the Cord Keeper, a clever utilization of toilet paper rolls that bring simplicity and practicality to cord organization. Flatten a roll and carefully cut a small slit along its side. This simple action transforms it into a convenient tool for keeping cords in order.

Bid farewell to the hassle of tangled cords from headphones or chargers. Effortlessly wrap them around the flattened roll, securing them snugly in place. Rather than unraveling tangled cords constantly, you can store or carry cords with ease.

You’ll appreciate the Cord Keeper’s cost-effectiveness. It empowers you to maintain cord organization and eliminates the exasperation of unruly entanglements. Cords can now be managed effortlessly and easily, making life easier for you.

8. Organize Hair Accessories

Organize your hair accessories with an ingenious application of rolls. Slice them into smaller rings and artfully stack them within a drawer or box, creating an organized haven for your hair ties, bobby pins, and clips.

Experience the joy of effortless access to your hair accessories while ensuring they remain free from entanglement or misplacement. The individual compartments formed by the toilet paper roll rings allow for seamless categorization, making it easy to find and select the appropriate accessory.

This cost-effective and eco-friendly DIY hack revolutionizes hair accessory organization. It provides an elegant and practical solution to keep your collection in impeccable order.

9. Napkin Rings

Bring out your creativity and reimagine toilet paper rolls as striking and functional napkin rings. Transform them into smaller rings and adorn them with your personal touch. Use paint, ribbons, or washi tape to add a unique touch, resulting in one-of-a-kind napkin holders.

Make your table setting unique with these DIY napkin rings that effortlessly blend creativity and charm. Experience the joy of keeping your napkins impeccably organized and beautifully showcased during meals or special occasions.

Unlock the potential of the rolls as elegant and cost-effective alternatives to conventional store-bought options. They showcase your commitment to both ingenuity and environmental sustainability. Leave a lasting impression on your guests with these delightful, handmade napkin rings.

10. Herb Garden Markers

Transforming toilet paper rolls into herb garden markers offers a delightful and practical approach. Cut them in half and jot down the names of various herbs on each segment. 

Position these markers adjacent to your herbs, forming a straightforward and effective system for distinguishing every plant. No longer will you be perplexed about which herb is which!

The bonus is that the rolls are biodegradable, ensuring they won’t create waste in the long run. As they naturally decompose, they become an environmentally friendly choice for labeling your herb garden. It’s a win-win, benefiting both your gardening organization and the planet!

11. DIY Bird Feeder

Engage in the DIY Bird Feeder project, utilizing repurposed toilet paper rolls to craft a wallet-friendly bird feeder.

Begin by spreading peanut butter onto a roll, generously coating it with birdseed afterward. So, you provide food for birds as well as breathe new life into an otherwise wasteful household item.

Once completed, suspend the bird feeder from a tree branch or any suitable outdoor spot. This endeavor not only allures avian friends to your garden but also fosters eco-consciousness by reusing materials creatively and innovatively.

12. Cord Labels

Make use of the potential of toilet paper rolls as cord labels, transforming them into small strips for this purpose. Envelop cords with these strips to aid in identification and organization.

This straightforward and budget-friendly solution banishes confusion and streamlines the identification of various cords, such as chargers or USB cables. By labeling your cords with roll strips, you effortlessly manage your electronic devices. This helps in maintaining an uncluttered environment.

13. Wall Organizer

Utilize the ingenious concept of toilet paper rolls to fashion a wall organizer. This enables you to compartmentalize and arrange small items effortlessly. Attach multiple rolls to a board or the interior of a cabinet door, granting you a practical storage solution.

This versatile organizer proves suitable for accommodating an array of items. It can range from makeup brushes and craft supplies to office essentials. Adhere to them using adhesive or nails. Capitalize on their cylindrical form to create precisely tailored compartments for diverse articles.

Embrace this cost-effective DIY project to declutter your surroundings. Infuse a touch of imaginative flair into your walls while being environmentally conscious.

14. Pet Toy

Give your pets an exciting playtime experience. Repurpose toilet paper rolls as interactive toys. Simply stuff a paper roll with treats or a small bell. Fold the ends, and watch as your furry friends engage with the toy.

As a result of the enticing treats, the animals are kept physically active by being stimulated and entertained. The delightful sound of the bell adds mental engagement to their playtime. Personalize the toy by adding feathers or ribbons to further captivate your pet’s interest.

15. Cable Holder

Tired of dealing with tangled cables? With the Cable Holder, you can prevent messes by utilizing toilet paper rolls.

Simply flatten the roll, carefully slit the side, and then guide the cables through it. No more worries about cables falling off your desk or getting entangled!

This budget-friendly and environmentally-conscious DIY cable holder keeps your workspace organized. It accommodates various cable types like phone chargers, USB cables, and headphones.

You can add a splash of creativity to your cable management techniques by transforming paper rolls.