12 Cool Things to Do with Traffic Cones

Cool Things to Do with Traffic Cones

Traffic cones are an essential tool for directing traffic and keeping drivers and pedestrians safe on the road. But did you know that these bright orange cones can also be used in some incredibly cool and creative ways? 

You can bend them into obstacle courses, making them perfect for thrilling competitions. Or, you can blow into them like giant vuvuzelas, creating a unique and booming sound. They can be positioned as targets for sports practice, or used to mark out boundaries for your favorite games. 

Additionally, these cones can be repurposed into distinctive and alluring party decorations, or even fashioned into quirky fashion accessories like hats or lampshades. 

12 Humorous And Cool Things to Do with Traffic Cones (Hacks for Everyday Use)

When considering the intended safety purposes of traffic cones, it is essential to note that they can also serve as versatile props for non-destructive and enjoyable activities. 

Here, we present a few imaginative suggestions for incorporating traffic cones into playful endeavors:

1. Cone obstacle course

Unleash your enthusiasm and captivate your audience with a cone obstacle course, a thrilling venture that capitalizes on the presence of traffic cones. By arranging these cones in a myriad of configurations, you can construct a stimulating course for individuals or teams to navigate through.

Cone obstacle course

This course will put participants’ agility, balance, and coordination skills to the test as they skillfully weave in and out of the cones, execute daring jumps over them, or even demonstrate their flexibility by gracefully crawling beneath their vibrant frames. 

Not only does this activity deliver boundless fun, but it also fosters physical fitness and cultivates motor skills.

2. Try to use them as giant vuvuzelas

Back in 2010, the FIFA World Cup introduced the world to the thunderous echoes of the vuvuzela. While traffic cones may not emit an identical sound to those iconic musical instruments, they possess the potential for creative usage that emulates the vuvuzela experience.

By blowing into the narrow end of the cone, it can amplify sound and create a unique and fun noise. People can experiment with different techniques and pitches, engaging in impromptu musical performances or adding some festive atmosphere to events or gatherings.

3. Use them for target practice

This activity involves using traffic cones as targets for various throwing or aiming games. You can set up the cones at different distances and try to hit them with balls, bean bags, or other objects. 

It can be a challenging task to improve your accuracy and precision. Additionally, you can create competitive games or challenges by assigning different point values to cones based on their difficulty level or distance.

4. Utilize them as markers for sports

Traffic cones can be used as versatile markers in various sports activities. For example, in soccer or football, cones can be employed to mark the boundaries, and goals, or even create mini-fields for smaller games. In basketball, cones can be placed to practice dribbling drills or as markers for shooting practice. 

Moreover, cones can be utilized for marking bases in baseball or softball, helping players navigate the field accurately. By repurposing traffic cones in sports, it adds flexibility and convenience to training sessions or recreational games.

5. Decorate for parties

Traffic cones can be transformed into unique and eye-catching party decorations. By using paint, glitter, or other decorative materials, you can personalize the cones to match your party theme. 

They can be turned into vibrant centerpieces, party hat stands or even used as bases for balloon arrangements. With their bright colors and distinctive shape, traffic cone decorations can add a playful and festive touch to any celebration.

6. DIY hat or lampshade

Traffic cones can be repurposed as creative accessories like hats or lampshades. With some modifications, such as cutting off the top or adding elastic bands, you can transform a traffic cone into a unique hat that will make you stand out at costume parties or events. 

Plus, by attaching a light source inside the cone and making appropriate adjustments, you can create a quirky lampshade that casts an interesting pattern of light and shadow. These DIY projects provide an opportunity to repurpose traffic cones in a fun and imaginative way.

7. Cone stacking

Cone stacking is a challenging and entertaining activity that involves building structures using traffic cones. The objective is to stack the cones in various arrangements, either individually or in groups, to create interesting formations. You can compete with friends or family members to see who can build the tallest or most stable cone structure. 

Cone stacking not only tests your dexterity and problem-solving skills but also encourages teamwork and friendly competition. It can be a great way to spend time outdoors and enjoy a unique recreational activity.

8. Cone bowling

Another creative and fun way to use traffic cones is by turning them into a game of cone bowling. Set up a makeshift bowling alley using a flat surface such as a driveway or sidewalk. Arrange the cones in a triangular pattern, similar to traditional bowling pins. 

Then, use a lightweight ball, like a soccer ball or a soft foam ball, to roll toward the cones and try to knock them down. You can play cone bowling in your backyard, at a park, or even indoors with proper precautions. 

It’s a great activity for parties, family gatherings, or simply to have some lighthearted fun.

9. Utilize them for Art

Traffic cones can be transformed into unique art pieces by adding your creative touch. By painting intricate designs or patterns on the cones, you can turn them into eye-catching art installations. 

A construction set with a yellow dump truck and orange cones that can be utilized for art projects.

Whether you’re an experienced artist or simply enjoy DIY projects, traffic cones provide a versatile canvas for expressing your artistic skills. Use acrylic or spray paint, stencils, or even markers to create your desired designs. Once painted, you can showcase these art pieces in your garden, backyard, or even indoors as decorative elements. 

It’s a fantastic way to repurpose traffic cones and add a touch of color and creativity to your surroundings.

10. DIY Agility Course for Pets or Dog Training

If you have a furry friend at home, traffic cones can be used to create a DIY agility course for pet training or simply to provide some playful exercise. Set up a course using cones as obstacles, arranging them in various formations such as zigzags, circles, or slaloms. 

Train your dog to navigate through the course, going around or jumping over the cones. This activity helps improve their coordination, agility, and responsiveness to commands. It’s an excellent way to engage with your pet, provide mental stimulation, and promote their overall well-being. Just make sure to set up the course in a safe and secure area.

11. Safety Barrier

One of the primary purposes of traffic cones is to create a safety barrier around construction sites or other hazardous areas. Due to their bright colors and reflective properties, traffic cones are highly visible, making them effective tools for directing and diverting traffic. 

When placed strategically, they help alert drivers to potential dangers, preventing accidents and ensuring the safety of both motorists and pedestrians. Additionally, traffic cones can be linked together with caution tape or barriers to create a more prominent and marked boundary. 

This helps to clearly define restricted areas and keep people away from potentially dangerous zones. Using traffic cones as safety barriers is a responsible and practical application that helps maintain order and protect individuals in various situations.

12. Transform it into a plant holder

Traffic cones can be repurposed as plant holders, offering a fun and unconventional way to display your favorite greenery. By flipping the cone upside down and removing the top portion, you create a unique and sturdy pot for your plants. 

A traffic cone transformed into a plant holder sits on the side of the road.

The wide base of the cone provides stability, while the conical shape allows for proper drainage. This idea works well for small to medium-sized plants or even herbs. 

You can place the traffic cone plant holders in your garden, on a balcony, or even indoors, adding a touch of whimsy to your plant arrangements.