13 Cool Things To Do With Old Microwaves

Looking for a fun and rewarding project that will leave you feeling accomplished? Don’t overlook the hidden potential of your old microwave.

Cool Things To Do With Old Microwaves

Rather than letting it gather dust in a corner, why not embark on an exciting journey of repurposing and creativity?

You can refashion it into a charming library, a rustic bread box, a quirky planter, or even a functional mailbox. And if that isn’t enough to satisfy your inner tinkerer, you can conduct Transformer Experiments, build a DIY Spot Welder, craft a vacuum chamber, or create a dehydrator for drying fruits, vegetables, or herbs.

13 Cool Things to Do with Old Microwaves (Repurpose and Save Money)

Here are some cool things you can do with an old microwave:

1. Library

Transforming an old microwave into a library showcases a remarkable and inventive concept. By stripping away its internal mechanisms, you preserve the microwave’s external structure. Subsequently, finding a suitable spot for the microwave and transforming it into a petite bookshelf becomes possible.

A microwave repurposed as a library with a sign that says take a book and leave.

The microwave’s door takes on a whimsical role as an unconventional entrance for the bookshelf, while the shelves within the microwave serve as ideal storage spaces for books. 

This repurposed microwave library becomes a captivating and enjoyable addition to any room, offering a distinctive means to exhibit your cherished book collection.

2. Bread Box

If you have an old microwave that is no longer functional, you can repurpose it as a bread box. Start by thoroughly cleaning the microwave, removing any internal components, and ensuring it is safe for food storage. 

Once cleaned, you can place your bread, pastries, or other baked goods inside the microwave and use its door as a convenient access point. The microwave’s insulation can help keep your baked goods fresh and protected from external elements. 

This creative repurposing idea not only provides a functional storage solution but also adds a touch of uniqueness to your kitchen.

3. Planter

An old microwave can be transformed into an interesting planter for your indoor or outdoor space. Begin by removing the microwave’s electrical components, glass plate, and any other non-essential parts. Ensure that the microwave is properly cleaned. 

A planter made from an old microwave with plants growing on top.

Then, you can fill the microwave cavity with potting soil and plant your favorite flowers, herbs, or small plants. The microwave’s cavity serves as a built-in planter box, providing a contained space for your plants to grow. 

With its distinct shape, the repurposed microwave planter can become a conversation starter and add a touch of greenery to your surroundings.

4. Mailbox

Repurposing an old microwave as a mailbox can add a fun and whimsical element to your front yard or porch. First, remove the microwave’s internal components, making sure to leave the outer shell intact. 

Next, attach a mailbox slot to the microwave’s door, allowing for mail to be easily inserted. You can also paint the microwave in vibrant colors or decorate it with decals to give it a unique appearance. 

By mounting the repurposed microwave mailbox in a suitable location, you can create an eye-catching and functional mailbox that adds personality to your home.

5. Microwave Transformer Experiments

Microwave transformers are powerful components found in microwave ovens. They can be repurposed for various experiments. One common experiment involves creating a “Jacob’s Ladder,” where an electrical arc climbs between two vertical conductors. 

By carefully modifying the transformer, you can create high-voltage arcs or even build Tesla coil-like setups. However, please note that working with high voltage can be dangerous, so it’s important to take appropriate safety precautions and have a good understanding of electrical principles.

6. DIY Spot Welder

Microwave ovens contain a high-current transformer that can be repurposed to build a DIY spot welder. Spot welding is a technique used to join two metal surfaces together by applying heat and pressure. 

By salvaging the transformer and attaching copper electrodes to the secondary winding, you can create a powerful spot welder. This can be particularly useful for small-scale metalworking projects or repairs where you need to fuse metal quickly and efficiently.

7. Artistic Projects

Old microwaves can provide interesting materials for artistic endeavors. The microwave’s interior can be used as a canvas for painting or mixed-media artwork. You can also disassemble the microwave and repurpose its parts for sculpture or assemblage projects. 

For example, the control panel, buttons, and dials can be incorporated into a steampunk-inspired artwork. Let your imagination run wild and explore different ways to use the microwave’s components in your artistic creations.

8. Create a DIY vacuum chamber

Extract the magnetron, the component responsible for generating microwaves, from an old microwave. This will allow you to repurpose the microwave’s cavity into a custom-made vacuum chamber. The primary function of a vacuum chamber is to create a controlled environment with reduced air pressure, serving as an ideal setting for a wide range of scientific experiments and captivating demonstrations.

Secure a vacuum pump to the chamber of the modified microwave, and witness the remarkable possibilities that arise within this low-pressure space. Observe the behavior of objects within a vacuum or conduct experiments that necessitate a controlled, low-pressure atmosphere.

Remember to prioritize safety precautions and diligently ensure the chamber is airtight when operating the vacuum pump.

9. Turn it into a pet bed

One creative way to repurpose an old microwave is by transforming it into a cozy pet bed. Commence the process by disassembling the microwave, removing all internal components, and ensuring that any electrical elements are properly disconnected and disposed of responsibly.

Next, enhance the interior of the microwave by lining it with a soft cushion or cozy blanket, instantly creating an inviting resting place for your furry friend. Feel free to customize the exterior to seamlessly blend with your home decor or your pet’s unique style, giving the repurposed pet bed a personal touch.

10. Use it to create a DIY dehydrator for drying fruits, vegetables, or herbs

Dehydrating food is a great way to preserve it and extend its shelf life. Instead of purchasing a dedicated dehydrator, you can repurpose your old microwave into a DIY dehydrator.  Begin the transformation by carefully removing the electrical components and turntable, leaving only the sturdy shell and functional door intact.

Fabricate convenient shelves within the microwave’s interior using wire racks or food-grade mesh, providing ample space to arrange the fruits, vegetables, or herbs you wish to dehydrate. 

Utilize the microwave’s existing ventilation system to facilitate proper airflow and circulation. Adjust the power settings and timing according to your preferences, effortlessly transforming your favorite produce into delectable dried snacks or flavorful dried herbs.

11. Convert it into a DIY charcoal forge for blacksmithing

For those interested in blacksmithing or metalworking, an old microwave can be transformed into a DIY charcoal forge. By removing the electrical components and lining the inside with refractory bricks or fire-resistant materials, you can create a small, controlled environment for heating metal. 

Use a small pipe or metal tube to direct the airflow, ensuring proper ventilation. By placing charcoal or coal in the bottom and using a heat source, such as a propane torch, you can achieve the high temperatures needed for forging and shaping metal.

12. Use it as a safe

Another interesting use for an old microwave is to repurpose it as a safe. By removing the door handle and adding a combination lock or a digital keypad, you can turn the microwave into a secure storage unit. The microwave’s sturdy construction and locking mechanism can provide an additional layer of security for storing valuable items or important documents. 

It’s essential to note that this is a DIY project, and the level of security may not be as high as commercial safes. However, it can still serve as a hidden and inconspicuous storage option.

13. Sound Amplifier

Another interesting way to repurpose an old microwave is by using it as a sound amplifier. Inside a microwave, there is a magnetron that produces electromagnetic waves to heat food. By disconnecting the magnetron and other electrical components, you can repurpose the microwave’s metal housing to amplify sound. 

The metal structure of the microwave can help enhance and amplify the audio output from speakers or musical instruments.